Mas emo que el viento

  • No, falta no hacía, pero es una excusa para volver a escuchar ese temazal.
    Por cierto, que el vídeo también está muy bien.

  • @3aahfsdh:

    Jade Tree's entire catalog is now on bandcamp (Promise Ring, Lifetime, Jets to Brazil, Cap'n Jazz, Pedro the Lion & more)

    We were just saying Jade Tree Records is back (though they say don't call it a comeback). The label has now uploaded their entire catalog to bandcamp with full streams of all the albums and downloads available for $5 or less. That means if your iTunes is missing say, The Promise Ring's Nothing Feels Good, Lifetime's Jersey's Best Dancers, Jets to Brazil's Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Pedro the Lion's Control, Cap'n Jazz's Analphabetapolothology, Owls' self-titled, Fucked Up's Hidden World, Joan of Arc's How Memory Works, Avail's 4AM Friday, New End Original's Thriller, Paint It Black's Paradise, Kid Dynamite's self-titled, or Young Widows' Settle Down City, you can now easily remedy that. Plus there's tons more, including new releases like the upcoming Dark Blue single.

  • Perdonar el off-topic pero creo que varios de los que frecuentais este hilo estais en Londres. ¿Algún bolo interesante este fin de semana, emo o no en la City?


  • garrafoni, te recomiendo que le eches un vistazo a songkick o a lastfm.

    el viernes tienes bolos de carla bozulich, the pheromoans, grandmaster flash & scratch perverts, how to dress well, darren hayman
    y el sabado tienes la fiesta de presentacion del nme c86 con the wedding present como plato fuerte, mark lanegan, dj shadow

  • Muchas gracias! Es que no sabía bien a que web de conciertos referirme así que me voy a echar un ojo a las que pones.


  • Ya se puede escuchar el nuevo trabajo de Hurricäde a través de su Bandcamp.

  • braid / no coast (topshelf, 2014)

    ► bandcamp | ▼ download | 320kbps


    Let's get one thing out of the way: Braid in 2014 is not Braid in 1999. As an album title, No Coast is either a clever turn on geographic identification or a challenge to reunited '90s bands not to rest on their laurels. As Braid returns with its first full-length album in 16 years, it's probably a little bit of both.

    From Chicago via Champaign, Braid was a key part of the fertile Midwestern emo scene that continues to inform not only the second wave of the genre, but also whatever wave we're currently riding. The band's 1993-99 run produced not only three classic albums, but also two compilations' worth of singles, covers and demos that are just as solid. For a scene that got pegged as sad sacks with guitars, Braid was emo's wild hair, with Bob Nanna and Chris Broach yelping atop impossibly catchy punk songs that somehow didn't fall apart.

    No Coast, on the other hand, is a measured and often gorgeous album that still ought to remind fans why they fell in love with Braid in the first place. "Bang" and "Damages!" are anthemic indie-rock songs that recall Guided by Voices. Sweeping up and down the fretboard, "East End Hollows" is about the danciest power-pop tune Braid's ever written. The scratchy vinyl sample at the beginning of the somber "Light Crisis" comes from a 45 RPM record written by Nanna's grandfather from the birth family he'd only discovered a few years ago. And don't worry, a few tracks still could have come out of Age of Octeen, like "Put Some Wings on That Kid" and "Climber New Entry."

    Like punk, emo is a young person's game. Sometimes, it's held to a double standard; that, as artists grow older, the "mature album" descriptor can be taken as condescending (read: "Why doesn't it sound like the thing that I like?!") or as a genuine big-picture overview that recognizes the way time and tastes have changed them. No Coast is a picture of a band that's found its own footing in a scene full of stellar young bands currently paving their own way.

  • Grande, gracias.

  • Merci, también te lo curraste recientemente con la ristra de discos nacionales en filtraciones.

  • ¿Hay alguien que tenga pensado acudir al Sant Feliu Fest?

    Falta un mes para el festival y me da un poco de miedo tener que jugarme la única baza para ver a The Van Pelt en el _Xerra_gàbal.

  • Yo me lo estaba pensando pero viendo la distribución por dias lo veo complicado.
    Como mucho, eso, ir por The Van Pelt el domingo y ya está, aunque da pereza subir y bajar el mismo día.

  • Yo voy fijo, aunque me han jodido un poco programando a The Van Pelt el domingo. Hubiera preferido que fuese el viernes o el sabado, la verdad.

  • la verdad que sí que es un poco jodienda la distribución por días. aina, za!, shanty rd. y the van pelt, que son los grupos más interesantes y, a excepción de za!, los más difíciles de ver, repartidos de viernes a domingo.

    por cierto, modern baseball confirmados para el bam eh, ojocuidao!

    pero yo venía a esto:

    dikembe / mediumship (tiny engines, 2014)

    ► bandcamp | ▼ download | 320kbps


    Halfway through its first track—a bobbing, bittersweet number called “Even Bother”—it might seem safe to assume that Dikembe’s sophomore record, Mediumship, is more interested in melody than mood. Absent are the scrunchy chords and rhythmic temper-tantrums that made Broad Shoulders, the Gainesville band’s first full-length, so mesmerizing. In their stead, Mediumship favors dynamics and depth and space to explore. Songs like “Mad Frustrated” feature the sorts of twisted guitar leads that worm into one’s subconsciousness. On topsy-turvy tracks like “Pelican Fly,” the guitars totter against a snapping, spurring drumbeat; here, singer Steven Gray’s voice seems softer, but much more versatile and stirring than on previous recordings. These songs haunt, to say the least, maybe because the band has nudged melody further to the forefront.

    you blew it! / you blue it ep (topshelf, 2014)

    ► bandcamp | ▼ download | 192kbps


    When the guys in You Blew It! told us they wanted to record a 5-song Weezer Cover EP and call it You Blue It we immediately said Yes! Followed by about ten more yes's. This album was a big part of our youth and Weezer has been a large influence to the band. With this year marking the 20th anniversary of Weezer's "Blue Album", we're pleased to be releasing this record Digitally on July 15th and physically, at a 10 inch vinyl record, on August 12th.

  • Gracias por el de Dikembe, bruca. Se me olvidó bajarlo el otro día y un zippy refresca la tarde un poco.

  • joder, joder, joder, joder tíos, estoy llorando de la emoción!!! llevaba 16 anyos esperando este momento sin demasiadas esperanzas y por fin va a hacerse realidad…

    Official Mineral Promo Video

  • Oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Venga Bruce, proponlos para el PS vs Foro, o no hace falta?


  • Ya ampliarán fechas…digo yo.

    Preparame la litera Brussss

  • Gabi por dios!!!!
    Jueves, 11 de la noche, escenario Ray-Ban, The Power of Failing enterito…

  • Ese viernes en Londres es practicamente la unica fecha factible que veo, alli estaremos en principio.