Fantasmas del pasado: HAUNTOLOGY.

  • adr / chunky monkey (hippos in tanks, 2013)

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    “Chunky Monkey” is the latest release from ADR, the avatar of Aaron David Ross, multimedia artist and member of the of the critically acclaimed Gatekeeper duo. Lauded as “bright, erotic and alive” by The New York Times, ADR has demonstrated his spirited, panache production style across a variety of projects over the last several years. He now readies his sophomore solo LP, “Chunky Monkey”, for release this spring on Hippos in Tanks.

    “Chunky Monkey” is bristling phazer phunk; distended downtempo served as schizoid lifestyle music. Alone in his basement studio in NYC, ADR has re-assembled the constituents of everyday music consumption, ruminating on reality TV musical realism and the globalized flavors of “stock” music. These experiments are worked into a collage of stoned vocal scats and toothsome puns; wholesome exotica and woozy, schizophrenic pop.

  • Joder, me interesa este hilo. A ver si tengo tiempo y le echo un ojo. Se me había pasado por alto.

  • Esta mañana he estado escuchando el álbum a pachas entre Saint Pepsi y Luxury Elite (Late Night Delight), y bueno. Copy'n'pasteo, loopeo, reverbereo y ralentización de samples funkeros y synth-poperos onda ochentas (algunos bastante reconocibles). Muy amable, llevadero y todo eso, pero de momento no compro. Mucho piloto automático y poca chicha. Por oye, por aquí puede encontrar sus interesados así que lo dejo por si alguien quiere probarlo.

    Luxury Elite // Saint Pepsi
    Late Night Delight
    (2013, Illuminated Paths) ... ht-delight

  • me subo al hilo

  • @manel:3hg2sbi5:

    "Retromanía", un programa de radio dedicado a la güena música. Su último capítulo va sobre Broadcast y la hauntology ... 668_1.html

    Estoy escuchando este programa. Nada nuevo, pero siempre se agradece escuchar este tipo de programas en español. Joder, no se qué tiene este tipo de música, pero dan ganas de darla a conocer a todo tu entorno a ver si se les contagia algo coño.

    Dejo este tema por aquí, banda sonora que me obsesionó hace tiempo casi tanto como a Trish la de Valerie y su semana de las maravillas.

  • Mensaje de Vektroid (Ramona, sí, eme, tenías razón) esta noche en su facebook:

    _Hey all-
    The time seems to have come for me to confess about a few things. I am a little ashamed to admit it, I think a lot of people know by now but I have in fact been homeless since shortly after the release of Color Ocean Road; this is unfortunately the reason why there hasn't been a new Vektroid release in so long.

    In May 2012, I found myself in, erm, a 'heated conflict' with my father and I made the decision at that moment to flee home for my own safety. Two weeks later, I abruptly left therapy, climbed in the car with mom (thank you mom) and drove 8 hours with literally nothing but my PC, a couple duffels of wrecked boy clothes, and my three MIDI controllers.

    What went down at home prompted me to immediately quit production on Color Ocean Road. Indeed the final version that was released publicly is in fact incomplete itself; I was forced to drop it and release the most up-to-date draft I had so I could pack my gear up and escape as fast as possible. I released Color Ocean Road precisely two weeks before leaving Washington State.

    From that moment, I touched down in PDX and began slowly migrating around the city, given little choice but to crash with whoever would take me in. I find it really embarrassing to be caught in the position where I'm forced to put that burden on friends, but I'll put it this way: it's teaching me to work harder to no longer attach to myself words like 'helpless', 'pathetic', or 'worthless'. It's a pretty grueling test of willpower to survive and go on when you've been hidden from–forced to disengage from--the real world so thoroughly; when you're pushed to think too critically of yourself to survive, taught and reinforced that mistakes are too unforgivable to make; it diminishes your capacity to function like a human being. I am beginning to realize there must be a lot of strength within me if I've made it this far in its wake.

    So for the last couple months--and I think my trip to the ER a few weeks ago was probably what pushed me over the edge here--I've been trying to start over, but I could use your help. I am getting on track to seek out work soon. I wrote and printed my résumé a couple weeks ago, but I'm relatively un-hireable, not many employers will see value in my credentials. I am, however, excited to say that I'm aiming to start on an MBA this fall.

    Until then, though, I'm asking for the support of the global internet populace - it's becoming a struggle for me to leave the house and that ultimately spells out bad news for the mental health issues that continue to keep me into this position - I don't own a car, a bike, a coat, or a pair of shoes that won't soak my feet whenever it rains. Truth be told, yes, I feel like a real hack for doing this, but I feel its important now for me to make the choice to start taking care of myself and that includes me choosing to quit hiding in fear about it and find the courage to concede to you guys that I'm in a bit of trouble right now. Anything helps, but the choice is entirely yours. Thank you so much!


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  • Mamma mia q drama!

  • Mamma mia q drama!

  • @eme_rock:2tabty0g:

    Secrets_Keep trying

    El primer tema me recuerda a

    Bueno, la de esta fase en concreto no se parece tanto, pero había una que era clavada y seguro que estat sabe cual era.

  • Habéis escuchao el nuevo Focus Group, payos?

  • Yo lo haré esta noche, en la oscuridad de mis aposentos. Tú?

  • Nuse.. ya encontraré el momento. Se me ha juntado la rareza típica (típica en mí) de la semana antes del primavera con que lunes y miércoles antes del festi tengo exámenes, y encima este sábado torneo de magic (hola, grr!), y así no estoy para escuchar este tipo de cosas. Sólo Daft Punk y sucedáneos.

  • yo tambien voy a darle en un rato. hare calentamiento previo con el compartido con broadcast de hace cuatro anyos.

  • Torneo de Magic jajaja vaya lúser!

  • nono! peor: torneo de magic mañana y tarde, y a la noche festival de eurovisión con la novia (un clásico)

    Pero bueno, al día siguiente Domingo de Redención con lo de Spectrum y ya lo comido por lo servido.

    Y se me ha olvidado que el viernes también la final de la copa. Vamos, con semejante apechusque, como para ponerme en las orejas a The Focus Group.. quiiiiiita!!

  • Oye ya que comenta bruce lo del disco de Broadcast. Que ese lp es una puta obra maestra ya no lo discute nadie. Pero recomiendo a rabiar algo que pasó bastante desapercibido en su momento: el ep que Broadcast publicaron poco antes del Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age. Titulado Mother Is the Milky Way, y en el que Trish y James ya experimentan a saco con hauntología, folk, música concreta, field recordings y todo el percal. Una grabación de cagarse la perra. Precioso, de verdad. El complemento ideal al lp con Focus Group, incluso mejor que el 7 pulgadas que publicaron al año siguiente para Ghost Box. No lo encuentro por la internet, pero os lo subo si eso.

    Ala, allá va:

    Mother Is the Milky Way