New friends/amigos nuevos

  • I’m going to be traveling from the US for this and would love to make new friends who speak English! (My Spanish is pretty bad). Any takers? :)

  • Hi! I am Roberto, coming from Italy and be very happy to find someone who speaks english italian or french..but I really don't uderstand spanish. I am alone at the moment so i would very happy me too if I find some friends on the way in order to live festival and or the town

  • @baddayrae hi! I’m Guillem and it’s my first time too! I’m going alone but I’d like to meet some people who find themselves in the same situation so wee can share the experience. Im from Barcelona by the way

  • Hey, Iam coming solo from the uk, cant wait! and love meeting new people. Would definitely be up for making friends.

  • This post is deleted!

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