Primavera Sound Porto 2021

  • There was a guy in facebook that made a schedule for the festival. Maybe it could help you!

  • Concertos favoritos desta edição? E alguém já sabe sobre as datas para 2023?

  • @PdC for me everything was especial! I was not expecting to go but one week before the festival started I could manage to organize the trip.
    I feel like everything was great. I have to highlight the less known bands that were incredible: DIIV, Dry Cleaning, Derby Motoreta Burrito's Kachimba, Dinosaur Jr, Helado Negro... obviously this bands are important but did a great job as good as the headlines.

    With all the pain in my heart, I have to say I feel kind of disappointed with Gorillaz and Beck bands (and maybe others too). I feel like the band was not complete (I compare the gig with Barcelona and I it seems like some members didn't go to Porto). Maybe it doesn't matter at the end: these two concerts were my favourite because I am a complete fan of them, but they create an eerie vibe like something is missing (when Beck played some people notice it was like a playback (#PlayBeck) or De La Soul in Gorillaz was just one person, for example). Again, they were the concerts I enjoyed the most, but I want to know why other cities had "a better concert" than others (without mention the end of Gorillaz that was a funny disaster hahaha). I want to know if anybody knows the answer.

    So, for me it was an incredible year and everything was incredible. I really enjoy everything and probably I will go next year.

  • @gradoca, that’s great to know! I’m very happy that you enjoyed your stay. From your list I liked Dry Cleaning and Helado Negro, the others I didn’t saw (DIIV I saw a few years ago and the frontman was a bit… off). Others I enjoyed were Black Midi, Arnaldo Antunes, Jehnny Beth, and Khrugbaian (there is a great spot behind the Cupra stage with park benches, fantastic concert).

    About the headliners, Nick Cave and Tame Impala I thought totally delivered, Beck I agree with you. He seemed a bit like going through the motions, towards the end it was better, though. Gorillaz I actually didn’t saw, some friends of mine went to Barcelona and one said it was terrible. By comparison, maybe the Porto show was actually better. The thing about some members not traveling is very irritating indeed. If the organizers can’t book all of the members for both cities, it’s better not to schedule them in Porto. But Gorillaz is kind of a rarity to get, so I would understand, if it was properly announced.

    The whole official communication of Primavera is a weak point in my opinion. I don’t use social media and the official site is very poorly kept, zero updates and the information is very scarce.