discrimination against disabled people

  • segundo dia de festival y otra vez pmr people are treated like garbage. can you do something for real inclusion? security is kicking out people with crutches from an empty press platform in mordor. while the handicap platform are overcrowded. this is discrimination and violent towards pmr.
    when i read about people complaining about having problems getting their beers fast enough , i would like to invite you to experience the festival without shuttles to mordor, having difficulties on pmr platform too small.
    i am happy that they talk about having an inclusive festival but that us not the case.

  • Please, pass this info to @Neutroner, she might be able to send this info to the bosses and maybe do something about it. It sounds terrible, to say the least.

  • thank you LNA, yes i did wrote to neutroner, gabi and djcoco, thank you. still waiting for a reply, probably they will solve this for next weekend.

    in front of binance platform for people with reduced mobility, they put two huge tv cameras, two cameramen, one toilet and two big umbrellas and the view is completely obstructed by them.
    people in wheelchair cannot see much of the stage. so sad.