Mas emo que el viento

  • tal vez sean cosas mías…

    Settlefish - Dance A While, Upset (2003)

  • bulto

  • dos discos repetidos y uno de 2003 ¿? te noto un poco bulto eh

  • calla putilla, el de Nai Harvest solo pusiste un cerdo link a stereogum y el de The Hotel Year no me di cuenta.
    el de 2003 es uno italiano que rescate de cuando deep elm lo regalaba todo, muy bien.

  • ehhh, grande dan horny
    gracias por el link de nai harvest, y tambien por la recomendación de deep elm
    por cierto, veo que lo siguen regalando todo, mas cosas que valgan la pena? no tengo ni zorra idea de las cosas que hay ahi y escuché un par al azar y no me hicieron mucha mella

  • @watusi:367pt7oa:

    por cierto, veo que lo siguen regalando todo, mas cosas que valgan la pena? no tengo ni zorra idea de las cosas que hay ahi y escuché un par al azar y no me hicieron mucha mella

    cualquiera de the appleseed cast, benton falls o pop unknown (especialmente los que puse aqui) mas camber, brandtson, cross my heart, pave the rocket, planes mistaken for stars, slowride, starmarket, red animal war, logh, lewis, clair de lune, imbroco, hundred hands y los emo diaries… basicamente casi todo hasta 2003. a partir de ahi el sello no me ha interesado una mierda hasta el reanimation de lights & motion del anyo pasado.

    en cuanto a la gratuidad de las referencias del sello, que es definitiva:


    Deep Elm Records is pleased to announce that we are now offering downloads of every album in our catalog (200+) on a Name Your Price (no minimum) basis.

    Fan support of our artists is a key element in the creation of music that inspires, excites and consoles. It's all about bands and fans coming together as one and experiencing music's awesome ability to move the soul. So if you have the means, please show your love by Naming Your Price for a download. If you sincerely do not have any means, in exchange for each download we politely request that you post, share, tag and tweet to tell your friends about the album. Our bands and label depend on your word of mouth. Even if it's a small act of kindness you perform for a complete stranger (the world could really use more selfless acts of kindness), do something…pay it forward. Be pono.

    I once had a dream to inspire people with music. Since I'm not a musician myself, I thought I could achieve this by starting a record label. Armed with zero knowledge of the music business, I decided to follow my dream. That was 19 years ago. Last month, Deep Elm released our 200th album...the incredible "Save Your Heart" by Lights & Motion. We've gone from consigning vinyl 45s via bicycle / backpack to mom and pop record shops in NYC to providing music for Hollywood films...even The Oscars. Mind = blown. We have made our share of mistakes, but when we fell down we got back up. That's the more important part. We fought for fairness in an industry swimming with sharks. We fought for what we believed in. We found a way to make it work. And when there was no way, we invented one.

    I know so many people (including many of you reading this message) that have such incredible talents, ideas and visions for a better tomorrow. I encourage you to keep fighting the good fight. With sincere intention, purity of heart, hard work and sacrifice, you can achieve anything. Everything is possible. Dreams do come true. Love what you do.

    You may be surprised to learn that Deep Elm's current artist roster has been built solely by bands submitting their music to the label. And we don't require multi-album agreements. Our bands call Deep Elm home because they want to, not because they have to. We release albums that move our hearts and for no other reason at all. We continue to build a better label - one that operates for glory, not gold. Fairness to the artist and undying integrity in all that we do have been guiding principles at Deep Elm since day one.

    Deep Elm is part of a threatened breed of true independents that exist for the love of music. Most so-called "indie" labels are, in fact, funded and / or distributed by major record labels and their affiliates. Not Deep Elm. On a completely self-sufficient basis and without any outside support, Deep Elm competes in an industry dominated by corporate giants. We are proud to be 100% independent. It has always been Deep Elm's intention to get the music of our family of artists into the hands (and ears) of as many people as possible. This announcement is a big step towards that goal. So if you like what you hear, spread the word. And we'll make sure these bands are there when you need them.

    We're not just making music together, we're making history.

    Love and Aloha,

    John @ Deep Elm

  • Os dejo esto para que mojéis las bragas, está guapo.

    Playlounge - Pilot [2014, Dog Knights]


  • the van pelt / imaginary third (la castanya, 2014)

    ► bandcamp | ▼ download | 320kbps


    Imaginary Third es el tercer disco nunca publicado del grupo de culto neoyorquino favorito de los años 90. El que hubiera sido la continuación al clásico de 1997 Sultans of Sentiment y que contiene The Speeding Train, su momento cumbre. Un disco lleno de poesía y encanto de un grupo único.

  • Basta de puta cháchara :

  • Oleeee, casi me da un soponcio…

  • Bastante guapo el de The Van Pelt….

  • Three people wide at all times me parece un temazal, ha despertado mi lado Emo y ha parado el tiempo unos segundos de mi vida hoy.

  • Mineral

    Fri 9/5 NEW YORK, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
    Sat 9/6 NEW YORK, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
    Tues 9/9 WASHINGTON, DC @ Black Cat
    Wed 9/10 BOSTON, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
    Thurs 9/11 PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Union Transfer
    Fri 9/12 CLEVELAND, OH @ Grog Shop
    Sun 11/2 GAINESVILLE, FL @ Fest 13

    w/ special guest Into It. Over It.

    Tix on sale Fri Apr 25, 2014, 10:00 am CDT
    Fest 13 tix on sale now

  • american football / american football -deluxe reissue- (polyvinyl, 2014)

    ▼ download | 320kbps


    In the 15 years since its release, American Football's self-titled debut full-length has quietly become one of the most fiercely beloved titles in the Polyvinyl catalog. Though the trio – Mike Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, Owen, Owls), Steve Lamos, and Steve Holmes -- only played a few shows and released just one other record (a three-song EP that preceded this full-length), their influence and legacy has steadily continued to grow in the time after they disbanded.

    From its now iconic artwork to the band's unique songwriting approach (highlighted by an emphasis on shifting time signatures and sincere lyrics), American Football proves a record doesn't become a true classic through flashiness or catering to trends, but rather the deep emotional connection it forges between the music and the listener.

    After guitarist Steve Holmes discovered a set of cassette tapes containing a variety of unreleased recordings, the band curated an album's worth of these rare live recordings, demos, and practice sessions (in which the group rehearsed material they never recorded elsewhere) to complement the original record.

  • en este festi nos lo pasaríamos bien: mineral, samiam, get up kids, title fight, la dispute, the hotelier, modern baseball, dads…

  • …y The World Is a Beatiful Place..., Pianos become the teeth...
    y saliendonos de la porción emo, tambien hay unos Hot Snakes, Title Fight (conciertazo en nou barris, por cierto), Mujonei, Weezer, Descendents...buffff

    Y mola que hayan puesto a Ur lineup sux, bro y Ughh, my parents are here, hohoho

  • Tengo un colega que va, el cabronazo.

  • La polla la verdad, el cartel y poder ver a los putos Mineral, a ver si algun promotor se anima por aquí como con los Texas is the reason…

  • prometedor el nuevo de braid. si todo el disco mantiene el nivel de este temazo estamos ante algo grande:

  • American Football - Never Meant [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

    15 años después no hacía falta…