Primavera Sound 2017

  • Here it is, Primavera Sound 2017 is happening and the line-up is already out. Would be interesting to know why the sudden rush?

    alt text

    Well, it looks very eclectic to me, a line-up were Van Morrison is next to Miguel, Slayer and S U R V I V E (fame of Stranger Things) is definitely one of a kind. So congratulations again for not going the easy way and taking a risk instead.

    Personally there's never been a line-up before with so many unknown names to me. I guess part of it is the extension of the Beach Area, with two stages next year, so lots of electronica.

    Especially happy about King Gizzard, Royal Trux, Magnetic Fields (playing two shows), Teenage Fanclub, Mystery Lights, Nots, Wand, The Zombies and The Make-Up.

    Saw a few acts at this years Le Guess Who?-Festival, Junun were surprisingly great and Elza Soares gave a very special performance. I did miss Phurpa (a bit like Sunn O))) without the instruments) though...

  • I was also at the Le Guess Who. I really liked Elza Soares, it was a very special concert. I saw the first hour of Phurpa, they played as a duet instead of the usual quintet. I never got into their music but I think it´s nice to see a band like this one in Primavera.

  • We went for Ryan Sambol (holy shit, he was fun!), dinner (the cantonese restaurant opposite of the Tivoli) and Scott Fagan instead. But yeah, I feel like there's risky and exceptional stuff in
    the line-up, then again that's what primavera is all about.

  • @derblonde cantonese restaurant? Was it good? I've already bought the tickets for next year, so I might give it a try.

  • Paradijs is the name, it has a '70ies vibe and the waiter was very strict, but yes the food was good, even though we kinda stayed on the safe side (no offal and some dishes seemed too exotic in their mixture of sweet and savory, but thats something that catalans like, right?). But the best food we had might have been the rijstafel at Blauw.

    LGW? was great indeed, so might as well go again next year, even though Primavera delievers the better line-up for me.

  • @derblonde Thanks for the name of the restaurant. I have been going to LGW for two years, and really love it: to have most of the main stages together at Tivoli is great, you can see a lot of concerts seated and it´s still not too crowded.

  • Hey first time at PS next year, trying to work out flights. Do acts start in the afternoon or is it better to arrive the day before? Never been to Barcelona before so also working out time needed to check out the city as well as the festival if anyone could suggest a good timeframe?!

  • @lynseyc June 1,2,3 in Parc del Forum acts starts at 4pm. But there are acts all over the city since the morning.

  • @aserter thanks, does anything happen on 31st and 4th?

  • @lynseyc yes, wednesday 31st is free entrance at Parc del Forum. Sunday 4 is the last day and there are concerts in the city and at night at Apollo theatre. There are also concerts 29 and 30. In fact all week you can see acts all over the city. The "big" days however are June the 1,2,3

  • @lynseyc said in Primavera Sound 2017:

    thanks, does anything happen on 31st and 4th?


    Actually, yes, A LOT happens on the Weds before and the Sunday after the main part of the event. On Wednesday, there are free concerts at Parc del Forum followed by concerts in clubs in the center of BCN (if you have the wristband). On Sunday, free concerts in the city during the day followed by concerts in clubs too (again, only for those who have the festival wristband). If you like watching great bands in relatively small venues, it is definitely worth to arrive on Weds and leave on Monday.

    You can have a look at the last year schedule here:


  • For what it's worth, we now know (most of) the bands that are playing the Pitchfork stage this year:

  • set times are here:

    clashfinder is updated as well

    lady wray has gone missing, also the raval shows are going on longer this year.

    at first glance my worst clash seems to be alex cameron vs. teenage fanclub.

    also the hole betweens japandroids and !!! on saturday tells me something is missing (or set times for !!! are wrong).

    expect the acts for the hidden stage next week (jens lekman?, radio dept?).

  • @derblonde said in Primavera Sound 2017:

    also the hole betweens japandroids and !!! on saturday tells me something is missing (or set times for !!! are wrong).

    This gap on Saturday at 3:00am is indeed rather weird...

  • Arab Strap will be playing instead of Grandaddy.

    Very tragic that Grandaddy lost one of their members (a stroke with 41), but man, am i happy to see Arab Strap again.

  • Well, my 7th time at Primavera and I can only repeat myself, it’s an excellent, well-organised festival and no other line-up comes close to the richness, thoughtfulness and variety of Primavera.
    Some random thoughts and memories:
    The unexpected thing was kinda fun, even though I didn’t care for any of the acts playing, I kinda got stuck in the moment and went for Arcade Fire (missing out on Miguel), I guess they lost me a few years ago, but the atmosphere and the excitement was still great to experience.
    We got ourselves a backstage token while queuing for Jarvis, but only found the time to visit the Backstage at the last hour for Operators. Fun idea, but I guess if I hadn’t come across a token and some band I really would love to see would’ve played, I’d see things differently. Then again, it’s just a little bonus to an already stacked line-up.
    Only been to Mordor once for Skepta, and yeah it’s a different world over there, feels like three times as many people as on all the other stages combined. Which on the upside means the old area of Primavera/RayBan/Pitchfork/adidas is such a thrill, comfortable and easy to navigate. I really think part of it is a change in the mindset of people, fame beats taste nowadays, doesn’t matter who’s playing as long as it’s on one of the big stages.
    I missed the Unplugged-stage, Mango House was not a good substitute (but I guess Backstage was the real one).
    The closing acts (Pinegrove, Priests, Mannequin Pussy) at Pitchfork were all great, a great way to end the day.
    No more overlap between Pitchfork and adidas was a good thing, I guess. Even though some part of my brain was like “they took an additional option away from me”.
    Musically there were just so many highlights, King Gizzard might’ve been the best show I saw, great setlist and energy, Skinny Puppy was something to see, Pinegrove and Teenage Fanclub had the biggest singalong moments I witnessed, the Make-Up and the unbelievable Ian Svenonius (always walking around and being happy to talk with some fans), Sleaford Mods felt kinda like a breakout-show, the fuck-up with sound turned into an electric atmosphere which somehow turned positive and became a larger-than-life feeling. Not to mention my other highlights, Hamilton Leithauser, Slim Cessna, Arab Strap, Death Grips, Sleep and lots of other sets that were, well, good.
    So, thank you again, for all of that.