Any idea when tickets are likely to run out?

  • My partner and I are really keen for Primavera this year, the line up is unbelievable; Death Grips, Aphex Twin, Van Morisson, Mac de Marco to just name some of them.
    We won't have a secure amount of money until around January but we're not sure whether there will still be tickets available by then.
    Obviously there is then also travel and accommodation but we won't worry about that for now!
    I hope someone can give us an idea.
    Obviously there is no date anyone can put on it but we're just wondering in relation to how quickly tickets have gone in other years.

  • Last year the first announcement (January 21st) included Radiohead, and the tickets were sold out in 9 days since then.
    PS 17 probably won't sell out this quickly following the current announcement, it's very early to tell.
    You should look into getting a decent accommodation ASAP, as it's getting expensive.