Are more acts likely to be added to the line up?

  • Love the line up already but still intrigued to see if we will get more goodies added! Never been to Primavera before so don't know if they do more than one announcement. Any thoughts from experienced Prima goers? There's a few bands touring that I would love to see added on to the line up.

  • Looks like it. They talk about some future surprises, so yes, there might be some confirmations.

    Of course, expect some acts to drop and be replaced by others. They always do.

  • @Risingson Cool. Thanks for the reply. I wonder what the time scale is on it. Feels like it is getting late in the day. The main stage headliners all seem fairly downbeat acts (apart from maybe Arcade Fire) so I wondered if they might add someone to up the pace a bit too.