Primavera Sound 2018

  • For traditions sake and the few of us who are too afraid to post in the main forum, here's a new thread for Primavera Sound 2018.

    The festival will take place from the 30th May to 3rd June 2018, and you can get your tickets here.

    With the marketing-campaign already on full speed, it's kinda strange, that the official position is still saying, the line-up will be revealed in January and not earlier. I mean, why generate all that attention for nothing? I guess we'll find out in the next two days...

    Anyway, the soundtrack to their latest promo-video points to Carpenter Brut. Then again Gabi opened his facebook-AMAs with "Live is Life" and i'm pretty sure Opus will not be part of the line-up.

  • Will the T4 line have nonstop service again like this year?

  • Line-Up will be released on January 29th, Monday instead of the usually Thursday.

    Link to the Announcment video

  • Line-Up

    Can't really complain when my Primavera starts with The Men. Hope Idles don't get into too much trouble for leaking the poster as they are one of the only noisey bands on the first two day, Saturday looks good on that front though. Could do with a little less MOR-stuff, but great line-up anyway.

  • So the VIP and Saturday day tickets are sold out and the organisers are offering discounts to under 26's and local residents this year on the website.
    Very excited about seeing spiritualized in the auditorium on the Wednesday night

  • Hi guys, I am looking for accommodation in Barcelona possibly near to primavera sounds area.Any suggestions?

  • @robguarn what is your budget per night?. Unless it's very high you won't get anywhere within walking distance.

  • 50eur per night, should be acceptable for an easy bedroom.I would be near to the Forum.Selva de mar should be nice.

  • Idles vs Ty Segall und Dead Cross vs Watain is straight up trolling

  • Mogwai vs. The National vs. Shellac is rather horrible!

  • the breeders vs john maus no fucking way

  • We'll have to wait a bit longer for the last two "Hidden"-acts:
    "The rest will be announced during the week of the festival to celebrate its mysterious spirit."

  • So, only a few days left... After many weeks of looking at the poster I'd say its a pretty good lineup, not that different than the last couple of years. But still, something's missing for me. I guess part of it is false memory (Mandela effect anyone?) and just generally getting older, but there's not enough loud and noisey stuff for me on the line-up, especially when it comes to new stuff. I know, diversity was always a big thing for Primavera and Pop has always been a part of it, it just feels like a little tipping of the scales. The electronic stuff is, well, I guess great, but personally there's one reason why I went to Barcelona for the last decade, and it's not called Sonar.

    And I know the four electronic stages don't take anything away, but I feel some irrational jealousy about it. There's so much vital and exciting stuff happening in guitar driven music, sure, it's not on P4k or Spotify, but does that really matter? I don't buy the argument that you need click generating acts for a younger audience. It's not like back then the masses listened to Times New Viking, Pissed Jeans, Harlem or any of the other stuff that got me to Primavera (that would've been Skrillex?).

    And it's not a big shift, i'd say I'm missing like 4 or 5 acts (putting The Men, Mattiel, Flat Worms into the „main“ days would already change my perspective). Especially miss the bands at 4 in the morning, those were some of the best shows, but I guess there wasn't enough demand...

    I know this moaning is pretty stupid, considering it's a great lineup, and I'd be hard-pressed to find a better one anywhere in the world, and I will again have the time of my life in the forum, I just wished Primavera would've left the old formula of booking stuff that's popular with P4k behind a bit and dived more into the „underground“ stuff. And maybe I'm just fucking old and should take a break...

  • IDLES.