2007: Los mejores discos del año, recopilación de listas

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    Se sabe algo de las listas de Valderrama?

    Ha hecho lo que se conoce como"un michorero": anunciar algo y desaparecer para siempre!

    Jaja que perrac@. Este fin de semana si todo va bien, que algun@s trabajamos y todo.

    Se me esta ocurriendo un premio michorero….

  • Por cierto, están gentilmente invitados a pasarse por el blog de la firma (del cual soy parte) y dejar su voto, respecto a cual es el mejor disco de 2007 (que tan malo les ha parecido a algunos).

  • Ya he votado y mi opción (otro) va ganando

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    Ya he votado y mi opción (otro) va ganando

    Ya veo. Nos ha faltado poner algún sitio en donde escribir el álbum, si uno opta por "otro". Lo que se puede hacer es, si uno quiere, dejarlo como comment en el post adjunto (en este caso el de Burial) y así poder desentrañar a qué se refiere ese "otro".

  • **Rolling Stone USA

    1. M.I.A., KALA
    2. Bruce Springsteen, MAGIC
    4. The Arcade Fire, NEON BIBLE
    5. Kanye West, GRADUATION
    6. Radiohead, IN RAINBOWS
    7. LCD Soundsystem, SOUND OF SILVER
    9. Against Me!, NEW WAVE
    10. Spoon, GA GA GA GA GA
    11. John Fogerty, REVIVAL
    12. Bright Eyes, CASSADAGA
    13. Lily Allen, ALRIGHT, STILL
    14. Gogol Bordello, SUPER TARANTA!
    15. Common, FINDING FOREVER
    16. Les Savy Fav, LET’S STAY FRIENDS
    17. The White Stripes, ICKY THUMP
    18. Lucinda Williams, WEST
    20. Melissa Etheridge, THE AWAKENING
    21. Nine Inch Nails, YEAR ZERO
    22. Paul McCartney, MEMORY ALMOST FULL
    23. 1990s, COOKIES
    24. Robert Plant/Alison Krauss, RAISING SAND
    25. Linkin Park, MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT
    26. Miranda Lambert, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND
    27. Lil Wayne, DA DROUGHT 3
    28. Apples in Stereo, NEW MAGNETIC WONDER
    29. Mary J. Blige, GROWING PAINS
    30. Youssou N’Dour, ROKKU MI ROKKA
    31. Kings of Leon, BECAUSE OF THE TIMES
    32. Maroon 5, IT WON’T BE SOON BEFORE LONG
    33. Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard/Ray Price, LAST OF THE BREED
    34. Chris Brown, EXCLUSIVE
    35. Feist, THE REMINDER
    36. Alicia Keys, AS I AM
    37. Down, OVER THE UNDER
    38. Imperial Teen, THE HAIR THE TV THE BABY & THE BAND
    39. Dr. Dog, WE ALL BELONG
    40. Amy Winehouse, BACK TO BLACK
    42. Wilco, SKY BLUE SKY
    43. Smashing Pumpkins, ZEITGEIST
    44. Peter Bjorn and John, WRITER’S BLOCK
    46. Fall Out Boy, INFINITY ON HIGH
    47. Band of Horses, CEASE TO BEGIN
    48. Mavis Staples, WE’LL NEVER TURN BACK
    49. Dropkick Murphys, THE MEANEST OF TIMES
    50. Britney Spears, BLACKOUT


    Under the Blacklight


    Maths + English

    Living With the Living

    With Lasers

    In Defense of the Genre

    Fur and Gold

    The Wildhearts

    Baby 81

    Plague Park

    Undisputed Truth

    Person Pitch

    The Shepherd's Dog

    Cease to Begin


    Era Vulgaris

    24 THE SHINS
    Wincing the Night Away

    Writer's Block

    New Moon

    We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

    Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

    Favourite Worst Nightmare

    18 FEIST
    The Reminder


    Alright, Still…

    15 JUSTICE


    13 THE HIVES
    The Black and White Album

    12 PRINCE
    Planet Earth

    11 LIL WAYNE

    Icky Thump

    9 SPOON
    Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

    8 JAY-Z
    American Gangster

    Back to Black

    In Rainbows

    5 M.I.A.


    Sound of Silver

    2 Arcade Fire
    Neon Bible

    1 Against Me!
    New Wave

  • Que pereza leer enteras las listas de 100 álbumes,
    ¿realmente piensan que este año hay más de 50
    discos que merezca la pena recordar?

    Y aunque me gusta LCD Soundsystem, me parece
    increíble que destaquen tanto su último álbum.
    Dudo mucho que dentro de dos o tres años alguien
    se acuerde de él.

  • Vaya puta basura de lista la de la Rolling Stone… hasta sale la Britney Spears

  • @serukusuo:22ip276g:

    Vaya puta basura de lista la de la Rolling Stone… hasta sale la Britney Spears

    Y Maroon 5 por encima del Cease To Begin de Band of Horses… Es lo que tiene, pero me sigue sorpendiendo que aún no he visto ninguna lista que se parezca mínimamente a un hipotético top mío. Y también me sumo a lo que poner 100 discos te obliga quizá a meter algo más mediocre que si reduces la lista a 50 o a 5, como haremos nosotros

  • Los de Pitchfork ya han sacado su listado de canciones del año. Por aquí os dejo el enlace para que las veais.

    http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/f ... ks-of-2007

  • @Sr.:

    Que pereza leer enteras las listas de 100 álbumes,
    ¿realmente piensan que este año hay más de 50
    discos que merezca la pena recordar?

    Y aunque me gusta LCD Soundsystem, me parece
    increíble que destaquen tanto su último álbum.
    Dudo mucho que dentro de dos o tres años alguien
    se acuerde de él.

    En mi opinión si hay más de 50 que merezcan la pena, aunque muchos de ellos los he conocido gracias a blogs extraños y son ese tipo de discos que no entran en listas por que no los conoce ni el tato… Ejemplo: The Fugitives, Nedelle, ...

    En relación al de LCD, a mi tb me parece que se han sobrado otorgando semejante puesto, pues como Arcade Fire, Interpol o Björk entra en los bluffs del año.

  • …mientras esperamos que el Míster termine la siesta y nos diga unos cuantos nombres para el PS'08 voy a poner una lista con las mejores y las peores portadas de discos según (vaya ahora no encuentro el link de la web,ya lo pondré )


    50. King Crimson: ‘In The Court of King Crimson’ - The longer you stare at the cover to ‘In The Court Of King Crimson,’ the more emotions seem to seep out of it. Painted by computer programmer Barry Godber, the picture was the only painting he ever painted. Yet, it’s one that will be remembered forever.

    49. Peaches: ‘The Teaches of Peaches’ - Giving a new meaning to 'eye catching', looking at this tells you everything you need to know about peaches. In your face crotch and hot pink hot pants, it's perfectly sleazy and fun at the same time.

    48. Nirvana: ‘In Utero’ - ‘In Utero’ was an aggressively dark exploration of subject matters which had affected their frontman’s life thus far such as the dysfunctional family, cancer, privacy, and abortion. The imagery of the Transparent Anatomical Mannikin was originally meant for the single ‘Lithium’ or another track from ‘Neveremind’ but was scrapped due to copyright issues.

    47. The Ramones: ‘Road to Ruin’ - By the time Road to Ruin hit the shelves, The Ramones were already a total cliché of themselves, with the smack addict skeletal frame, denim/leather get up, and bastardised Beatles mop of hair an unmistakable uniform for the band members. The cartoon caricatures of the lads helps to push this incomparable image of the band, throwing them into the realms of inimitable rock gods and total style icons.

    46. The Smiths: ‘The Queen Is Dead’ - Over the series of albums the covers have slowly become iconic mainly because they're just beautiful photographs. In many ways they have a lasting impact- they're not something you can ignore.

    45. Kiss: ‘Alive!’ - Possibly the only album cover to physically blow the minds that gaze upon it - there must be one or two documented cases. The live shot full of smoke and poses and platform heels explodes the music off the record like few others.

    44. Thom Yorke: ‘The Eraser’ – Inspired by floods in Cornwall in 2004, long-term Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood made a woodcut depicting a mock King Canute trying to beckon back the sea, but to no avail. The black and white imagery and pronounced lines give it extra weight.

    43. The The: ‘Infected’ - It was about disease and infection and that's exactly what The The gave us. A disfigured figure that looks part pizza/part human, snot and blood all done in crassly dolloped daubs of paint. Wrong but very right.

    42. Nick Cave: ‘Henry’s Dream’ - Designed by the ever cool Anton Corbijn, his cover for Cave’s Henry’s Dream captures the essence of Cave. It’s moody, dark and gothic. Check the colours of the sky and the imposing billboard featuring a suitably serious Cave. In a word, evocative!

    41. Pixies: ‘Surfer Rosa’ – The record sounded as if it was recorded in a garage (in the best possible sense of course), yet the album cover featured a half naked flamenco dancer. Black Francis wanted it to be tasteful – we just think he wanted to see a bit of tit.

    40. The Groundhogs : ‘Split’ - Heavy acid blues was their sound and the album dealt directly with front man Tony McPhee's paranoid, broken and almost schizophrenic mind through its lyrics - making the fragmented cover perfectly fitting.

  • 39. Snoop Dogg – ‘Doggy Style’ - Cheap? Yes. Crass? Yep. Plenty of mother fucking swearing? Definitely. Genius? Without a shadow of a doubt. The comic tales of a cartoon dogg toking on too much weed and bumming too many beyatches until he gets busted by the cops was the mirth and humour that accompanied a groundbreaking record.

    38. Tangerine Dream: ‘Rubycon’ - The German electronic experimentalists' career may span five decades, but 1975's 'Rubycon' is perhaps their standout moment, both visually and musically. The simple idea of a solitary splash in water proved made for a durable image. It's what Hard-Fi could create if they had brains.

    37. Motorhead: ‘Ace of Spades’ - Desperados in tight denim and bullet belts, this is one of the most clichéd filthy metal covers of all time, with Lemmy and co. tracking through the desert like true cowboys from rock and roll hell. The truth paints a much less metal picture, however - the photo shoot took place on a pile of builder's sand in the middle of a busy London street. Tragically brilliant!

    36. Pulp: ‘Different Class’ - A simple wedding photo interspersed with monochrome cardboard cut outs of the band adorns the front cover of Pulp’s 1995 classic ‘Different Class’. In some cases the album came with twelve different options for the cover art and it was the first time Mark Webber, who was President of the Pulp fan club, appeared with the band playing guitar and keyboards before he became a more permanent fixture.

    35. David Bowie: ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars’ - The cover to the tale of Ziggy Stardust’s attempts to liberate humanity from banality sees the protagonist standing guitar in hand in the dimly lit Hebden Street in London, The location has since took on legendary status amongst Bowie fans similar to that of Abbey Road for Beatles’ followers.

    34. Peter Gabriel: ‘Melt’ - While his former bandmate Phil Collins was destroying Genesis, Gabriel was churning out decent solo albums. The create the poignant image, Gabriel and photographer Storm Thorgerson simply smudged a wet photograph to devastating effect.

    33. Pink Floyd: ‘The Division Bell’ - Stalwarts of the brilliant album cover, their final effort – 1994’s ‘The Division Bell’ – was no exception. A crying shame that the music was pretty middling though.

    32. The Stone Roses: ‘The Stone Roses’ - The debut album from Madchester’s favourite sons was created by guitarist John Squire with much influence from Jackson Pollock and his piece ‘Bye Bye Badman’ about the 1968 Paris riots. The lemons were a reference to the rioters who used them as an antidote to tear gas used by the Police.

    31. Nick Drake: ‘Pink Moon’ - Inspired by Magritte and Salvador Dali, yet not at all contrived - the artwork perfectly and subtly echoed the melancholy and painfully personal songs that Drake narrated.

    30. Iron Maiden – ‘Number of the Beast’ Eddie, the cartoon skeletal thing that was Iron Maiden’s mascot and stalwart of their artwork, was paired alongside Satan himself for one of the band’s most iconic album sleeves.

  • 29. Marillion: ‘Fugazi’ - Despite the arguable quality of their music, Marillion most certainly gave a shit about their album artwork and this multi-tiered image of a young man suffering an apparent overdose is their most startling brilliant and thought-provoking.

    28. Smashing Pumpkins: ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’ -A sprawling concept album was matched with suitably epic artwork directly inspired by renaissance masterpieces of the past. A masterpiece of an album too.

    27. Radiohead: ‘Amnesiac’ - Yet another Radiohead album cover designed by Stanley Donwood (he’s done the majority of the band’s complete back-catalogue), ‘Amnesiac’s’ cover, although simplistic, is distinctly eye-opening – with the tears of an amnesiac stitched into an antique red book. However, the real treat was the limited edition version, which was the library book itself.

    26. The Beatles: ‘Revolver’ - The pencil drawn Beatles faces were almost the antithesis to the Sgt Pepper artwork a year later, yet for many people it’s just as striking. Who needs Peter Blake eh?

    25. Prince: ‘Lovesexy’ - Quite simply, the cover to this leaves very little to the imagination. Prince has always been one to flaunt it and ‘Lovesexy’s’ cover was no different. Thank goodness for his left knee position!

    24. Sonic Youth: ‘Goo’ - Sonic Youth have to had some bloody ace album covers, so it's actually quite hard to choose, but this one is almost too cool for school. It's one album that you can judge by its cover.

    23. The Cure: ‘The Cure’ - Imagine what it would look like if you got a five year old child to design you album. Et voila! Complete with lined paper, disproportionate figures and plenty of crayon doodling. Brilliant.

    22. Manic Street Preachers: ‘The Holy Bible’ - The Manics’ third and darkest album was predominantly written by the soon to disappear Richey Edwards with most of the lyrics taken from his personal journals. The cover is a painting by artist Jenny Saville entitled ‘Strategy (South Face/Front Face/North Face)’ which the band were able to use after Edwards explained the meaning of every song during a 30 minute phone call to Saville.

    21. The Libertines: ‘The Libertines’ - It doesn't matter what you think of the album, great artwork should represent something rather than just a photo of the band and this manages to sum up the whole album in one moment. You can look at it, listen to it and the two go hand in hand, it captures the whole downfall of the band in one shot.

    20. Pink Floyd: ‘Atom Heart Mother’ - Every Pink Floyd cover is brilliant, but the one from 1970 of a cow – Lulubelle III, is one of Storm Thorgerson’s finest for the band. It’s simultaneously hilarious but perfect. Thorgerson describes it as a ‘cow how a cow should be’, and like most of the album is totally irrelevant to anything else.

  • 19. Dinosaur Jr: ‘Green Mind’ - There must be something about the fourth album and an amazing cover, because a number of artists on our list have made it thanks to their forth LP. ‘Green Mind’ is no different. The Dinosaur Jr cover- a picture by Joseph Szabo - is perhaps one of the most challenging on our list.

    18. David Bowie – ‘Aladdin Sane’ - The Couldn’t perhaps be a more (in)sane cover to an album called, ‘Aladdin Sane.’ Beautifully evocative, the cover captures everything that Bowie was, and, was about to become in the 1970s. It does indeed show the birth of a pop superstar.

    17. Joy Division: ‘Unknown Pleasures’ - Their 1979 debut features a simple rippling effect which was based on a graph discovered by Morris of 100 consecutive pulses. Set against the stark black background, it made for a dark, brooding image – very much like the music, then.

    16. Beck: ‘Odelay’ - Featuring a Komondor, a rare Hungarian breed of matted hair dog, the cover to Beck’s second album ‘Odelay’ is as off the wall as the music contained with in it. The artwork bears a resemblance to the inside cover to Bush’s 1994 album ‘Sixteen Stone’ which showed a picture of a Puli being tossed in the air.

    15. The Rolling Stones: ‘Sticky Fingers’ - The cover to what is considered to be the Stones’ most drug drenched album features the image of a male crotch in jeans and a leather belt. The original release featured a working zipper which opened to reveal cotton briefs emblazoned with the stamp ‘This Is Not ETC’ and was created by Pop-Art legend Andy Warhol. The album was also the first time the band’s now famous tongue and lips logo was presented to the world.

    14. The Beatles: ‘Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’ - Perhaps the most celebrated cover of any Beatles album, this is a masterpiece in iconography and is a goldmine for pop culture trivia. Painstaking put together by pop artist Peter Blake, it was zeitgeist-defining in more ways than one.

    13. Pink Floyd: ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ - The cover to, ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon,’ certainly comes close to topping the most recognisable covers ever list. Featuring a simple refracting prism and no text, the cover cunningly left everything to the imagination.

    12. Supertramp: ‘Breakfast In America’ – The majority of the band may have hailed from UK, but this album cover said more about the vain, commercial obsessed country that America has become in contemporary times than a thousand words. The scary waitress standing in for the Statue of Liberty is a stroke of genius.

    11. Sigur Rós: ‘Agaetis Byrjun’ - It’s perhaps suitable that a band that communicate in a mystifying language that 99.9% of us can’t understand should create album covers which are just as bewildering. Take Sigur Ros’ debut, ‘Agaetis Byrjun,’ as a prime example.

    10. The Velvet Underground: ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ is often referred to as the ‘Banana Album’ because of Andy Warhol’s fruity creation on its front cover. Early copies came invited the owner to ‘Peel slowly and see’; peeling back the banana skin revealed a flesh-colored banana underneath.

  • 9. Led Zeppelin: ‘Houses of the Holy’ - Best enjoyed when the gatefold vinyl cover is fully spread out, the ambiguous, nymph-like crawling children, the orange Mars-esque glow and the scene of Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland combine to mark a strikingly original work.

    8. Roxy Music: ‘Country Life’ - Perhaps the band’s most consistent album, the cover to ‘Country Life’ sums up everything that was risqué about Roxy Music. Like the band’s music, the candid cover was designed to test the openness of the record buying public.

    7. The Beatles – ‘Abbey Road’ The image that created a million pilgrimages and even more bad holiday snaps, the cover to Abbey Road and the album’s title cemented the studio’s legendary status in the hearts and minds of Beatles fans worldwide. The famous photograph also helped fuel rumours that Paul McCartney was dead and has since been paid tribute to by numerous bands including McCartney himself on his live album ‘Paul Is Live’.

    6. Beastie Boys: ‘License To III’ - “Rather than make an album cover that was understated and ‘safe’ for their debut, Beastie Boys went with a clear message of intent. ‘License To III’ featured a Boeing 727, inscribed with the band’s name and the logo, '3MTA3,' which when held to a mirror says, ‘Eat Me.’

    5. The Strokes: ‘Is This It’ – The album that has probably defined indie music since the turn of the millennium more than any other sports a cover of simple cheekiness. A naked female rear caressed by a leather gloved hand is the perfect allegory for the sleazy tales of sex, drugs and rock & roll the record contains.

    4. The Clash: ‘London Calling’ - Capturing the iconic moment as Paul Simonon smashes his bass guitar onstage, this remains one of the greatest music photographs of all time even though the photographer Pennie Smith criticised it for being out of focus - she was moving for cover as shards of the bass flew at her when she took it. An image that encapsulates pure punk spirit from the band that probably defined it the most.

    3. The Sex Pistols: ‘Never Mind the Bollocks' - The first and only Sex Pistols album features as front cover and album title as vitriolic and garish as the songs contained within and on its release resulted in Richard Branson and a Nottingham Record shop owner being prosecuted under the Indecent Displays Act after it was put in the shop window.

    2. Uriah Heep: ‘Very Eavy Very Umble’ - The album cover that single-handedly taught young children in the early seventies not to rifle through their Dad's record collection. So scary, they issued an alternative cover in the United States. The wimps.

    1. Nirvana: ‘Nevermind’ - A stunningly original idea and an undoubted classic. The swimming baby chasing the American dollar was a defining image of the nineties and summed up the endless rat race of contemporary society perfectly – an innocent baby corrupted by money.

  • …he de decir que no estoy muy de acuerdo con estas listas però bueno...las pongo por hacer algo

    ...y ahora las peores

    50. Prince – ‘Prince’: The Purple One has given us some decent album covers in his time, but Christ knows what got into his little egomaniacal head with this one. He looks like Ron Jeremy’s thinner cousin.

    49. MC Hammer – ‘Look Look Look’: He ditched the baggy trousers, became a preacher, but continued to make awful albums will equally naff covers. This 2006 one is cringe-worthy.

    48. Queen – ‘The Miracle’: The four members of Queen merged into one fat head. How nice. We reckon we could knock up a better front cover on Photoshop in five minutes. Blindfolded.

    47. Orion – ‘Reborn’: He looks like a gimp in camp Elvis drag. Very disturbing.

    46. The Prodigy – ‘Experience’: In the early nineties The Prodigy were too busy frying their heads with fistfuls of ecstasy tablets to bother with artwork. The music was ace, but ‘Experience’s cover was truly pants.

    45. Vanilla Ice – ‘To The Extreme’: Like many acts on the list, Vanilla Ice has made producing dire album sleeves, into, well, an art form. This 1990 release is perhaps the pick of the bunch.

    44. Razorlight – ‘Razorlight’: ARRRGGHHHH!!! A black and white photo of Johnny Borrell – get it away from us!! Please!!

    43. The Kinks – ‘Schoolboys In Disgrace’: There’s something a tad disturbing about a cartoon boy baring his red raw arse after a good spanking. The artist should be shot. A disgrace.

    42. Tori Amos – ‘Y Kant Tori Read’: Good old Tori turned dominatrix for this album sleeve. Some people may find it sexy, we don’t – we’re scared she’s going to spank us to oblivion.

    41. Ice T (Iceberg) – ‘Gangsta Rap’: Nope we don’t want to see Ice-T (or Iceberg as he wants to be known) straddling a naked woman on the front cover. The truth is we’re a bit jealous of him. The c*nt.

    40. Prince – ‘Dirty Mind’: One of two Prince albums in our poll and it’s another howler. Horrible photo, bland greyscale and just shit.

  • Mejores para quien ???

  • @serukusuo:3mgh3ncl:

    Mejores para quien ???

    …es que no encuentro el link de la web... ...luego lo busco

  • 39. Kenny Loggins – ‘Keep The Fire’: The background looks like one of those shite airbrush paintings you can buy off people in the street in Tenerife, while Kenny himself is pretending to be some kind of deity. Hmmmm.

    38. Rob & Fab – ‘Rob and Fab’: Poor Rob and Fab. They were outed for faking the vocals on Milli Vanilli records, then they released this steaming turd of a record – which the duo did apparently sing on – to widespread distain.

    37. Crosby, Stills & Nash – ‘Live It Up’: Wtf? Giant sausages on sticks… on the moon. With men climbing up them. Surely the result of taking way, way too much LSD?!

    36. Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’: The cover to the Kaisers’ second album was almost as bland as the music it contained… Wait, what’s-his-name is winking! Man, they’re so cool.

    35. Butthole Surfers – ‘Brown Reason To Live’: They had a revolting name and their artwork always bordered on the macabre. Clever that. At least it’s got us still talking about them 25 years down the line.

    34. Village People – ‘Renaissance’: They tried to get all arty on us, but they spectacularly failed. Stick to what you know best lads, like ‘Y.M.C.A’.

    33. Michael Jackson – ‘Bad’: It’s the best selling record of all time, but ‘Bad’ sadly bares the image of Jacko in the early stages of his plastic surgery makeover. For that reason alone, it’s bad.

    32. Bob Dylan – ‘Saved’: Mr Zimmerman’s 1980 album featured pretentious artwork of the highest calibre. It’s a good job his career didn’t need saving.

    31. Any Bonkers compilation: Perhaps it’s the chavs who blare this happy hardcore shite out at deafening levels on public transport? Whatever it is, the hideous cartoon artwork reminds us of those moments of woe and the god-awful music it contains.

    30. Jermaine Jackson – ‘My Name Is Jermaine’: His name be Jermaine. He’s a bad ass motherf*cker and this is one bad ass piece of album artwork. OW!

  • 29. The Beatles – ‘The Beatles’ (The White Album): An amazing album that’s for sure – in fact, one of their best. But the cover?? Well, it’s just lazy. Worse still, it probably put ideas into Hard-Fi’s heads.

    28. El Vez – ‘Son Of A Lad From Spain?’: The self-dubbed Mexican Elvis decided to parody another musical institution with this release. The idiot.

    27. Bee Gees – ‘Life In A Tin Can’: The ninth studio album from 1973 saw the brothers Gibb being buried in a tin – literally. Funny that.

    26. Black Sabbath – ‘Sabotage’: It’s been said that this is in fact a life size mirror that the Sabbath boys used to snort gargantuan lines of cocaine from. Well, not quite, but it could have been a funny story.

    25. Fleetwood Mac – ‘Rumours’: It’s the 13th best selling album of all time, shifting well in excess of 30million copies. Proof then that not many people judge an album by its cover.

    24. Guns n’ Roses – ‘The Spaghetti Incident’: A messy front cover on an album that turned out to be almost prophetic for the mess that Guns n’ Roses have now become. If it has been spaghetti Bolognese, it’d be a different story of course.

    23. The Frivolous Five – ‘Sour Cream and Other Delights’: It’s like a very disturbing nightmare. One that you wake up from with heart palpitations and a cold sweat. Get it away from us, please.

    22. Mick Ronson – ‘Play Don’t Worry’: He may have been cool when he was David Bowie’s lead guitarist, but he shred every ounce of credibility he had with this 1975 effort. Dire.

    21. A Flock of Seagulls – ‘Dream Come True’: Garish colours. Tacky computerised graphics. Awful comb-overs on the three fiddlers. There’s clearly nothing right with ‘Dream Come True’. Apart from the music, that is.

    20. Orleans – ‘Waking and Dreaming’: Unless you’re a teenage girl pumped full of pheromones, quite why a discerning record buyer would like to see a group of semi-naked men on the front cover of an album is beyond us. Well, me anyway.