Directos, Bootlegs…

  • Animal Collective: January 20, 2009 Grand Ballroom By nyctaper

    [Total Time 1:36:15]
    01 In The Flowers
    02 Leaf House
    03 Blue Sky
    04 Guys Eyes
    05 Summertime Clothes
    06 Daily Routine
    07 Lion in a Coma
    08 Lablakely Dress
    09 Fireworks
    10 My Girls
    11 Brother Sport
    12 [encore break]
    13 Banshee Beat
    14 Slippi

  • Gracias, a ver que tal suena esa versión relentizada de Banshee Beat que comentaba Trinxo. ¿ Es normal que tarde 3 horas?

  • Después de casi tres horas se ha bajado finalmente. He ido directamente a escuchar Banshee Beat…la madre que los parió de los mejores temas que tienen..enorme incluso al relentí. No sé que tal el resto pero esta suena bastante bien. Gracias Pelukini!

  • Ducktails - Live on WFMU [12.19.08]

    Me tienen atrapado Ducktails, que ganas de que salga ya su disco en Not Not Fun, de momento parece que primero saldrá el split de Sun Araw con Predator Vision, proyecto paralelo a Ducktails. Os recomiendo mirároslos también.
    Además comentan que tienen prevista gira europea para Mayo, puede ser que caiga la breva, ojalat

  • Extractos de un concierto del cuarteto ZU + MIKE PATTON en video: ... ar-ya.html

  • Directazo:

    Shipping News - Live at Touch & Go 25th Anniversary 2006-09-08

    Tienen un tema nuevo en su myspace y prometen disco para este año, mientras tanto les recordaremos con este conciertaco.

  • aquel que colgaste de san francisco era muy muy bueno, a ver qué tal este.
    gracias man

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Blank Dogs: February 6, 2009 Market Hotel


  • Guay! a ver como suena esto, gracias.

  • CALEXICO: Live From Austin, TX (2009)

    01. Intro
    02. Convict Pool
    03. Across The Wire
    04. Cruel
    05. El Picador
    06. Sunken Waltz
    07. Not Even Stevie Nicks
    08. Stray
    09. All Systems Red
    10. Sonic Wind
    11. Alone Again Or
    12. Roka (With Salvador Duran)
    13. He Lays In Reins (With Salvador Duran, Sam & Sarah Beam)
    14. Guero Canelo (With Salvador Duran)
    15. Letter To Bowie Knife
    16. Crystal Frontier

  • Sleep - live 1992.02.21 berkeley, ca

    1 intro
    2 stillborn
    3 inside the sun
    4 hot lava man
    5 numb
    6 the suffering
    7 evil gypsy-solomans theme
    8 the wall of yawn
    9 nains baptism intro
    10 nains baptism
    11the druid
    12 behind the wall of sleep
    13 basically
    14 n.i.b.

  • Blank Dogs: March 14, 2009 Music Hall

    [Total Time 29:52]
    01 Two Months
    02 Setting Fire To Your House
    03 I’m Alright
    04 Leaving The Light On
    05 No Compass
    07 Before The Hours
    08 Slow Room
    09 Y.M.S.
    10 Ants
    11 Crystal Ladies


  • Tony Allen & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble & Guests Live at Cargo, London (29/01/2009)

  • Loney, Dear. 9:30 Club (Washington), 3 feb. 2009

    1. I Was Only Going Out
    2. Everything Turns To You
    3. Violent
    4. In With The Arms
    5. I Am John (intro)
    6. I Am John
    7. Harsh Words
    8. Airport Surroundings
    9. []
    10. Carrying a Stone
    11. []
    12. Ignorant Boy, Beatiful Girl

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  • sic alps en directo ya con ty segall, sonido tolerable

  • So Cow live on KDVSç

    100 Helens
    Ping Pong Rock
    So Cow vs. the Future
    Only Fools + Horses/Swords
    Choh Ah!
    Ja Ju Ah Pa Yo
    League of Impressionable Teens
    Bat Toes
    Meaningless Friendly
    One Careful Owner
    High Standards
    Tony Keady Affair
    Jesus H. Christ
    Little Bear's Song
    This Angry Silence [Television Personalities]
    Mess Me Up [NoBunny]
    Moon Geun Young
    To Do List
    It's Over

  • el directo este de So Cow esta la ostia, coco!, que a finales de julio vuelve a las irlandas, para la vuelta al cole estaría de pm! jeje

  • hola buenas, traigo dos pepinacos que me he encontrado por ay


    Archers Of Loaf - Live - Showbox Seattle - 11-02-98


    Here's a sweet sounding live show from the final Archers Of Loaf tour on their victory lap around America. The audio is great, and the set selection is great, it's not merely a "greatest hits" but a good balance of their library.
    It shall not remain a secret that Archers Of Loaf were pretty much the best band around during their tenure on Earth, and I was a pretty big proponent of their rock style. Catchy but solid, fun but dark, and ultimately and most importantly, rocking. I tried my hardest to win over all of my hardcore buddies to the good times of the Archers Of Loaf to mixed results.
    While in San Diego I caught the band for the last time on this particular tour, a few days earlier than this show at the Casbah and they did not disappoint. One weird note, and maybe this was a San Diego thing, but while the band was playing dudes would have their pictures taken with the band as the backdrop. You know, like they were on vacation to Archers Of Loaf-land. I haven't ever seen that since either, but I remember it happening quite frequently at this particular show. I'm sure if I had actually had any friends, I too would have a Christmas card of me giving the "thumb's up" in front of Eric Bachmann. But alas…as it has been pointed out on this very blog, I am in fact, friendless.
    Enjoy the show, it's a good one.

    y la otra bomba

    Drive Like Jehu - Live - San Francisco - 09-16-94


    Label: Bootleg

    Year: 1994

    Somebody asked for some Drive Like Jehu, and while this particular bootleg has been making it's way around the internets lately, there's still a decent chance you hadn't stumbled across it yet. I found it a few years ago on the now defunct Transmission 3000 site which had some really great live recordings of indie rock type bands, but alas, it went the way of the dodo. Shame.
    This is a good quality recording, with a nice set covering most of the "hits" as it were. It sounds about like the one time I saw them, when they played the Somber Reptile here in Atlanta with Tanner, and maybe Freemasonry(?), and then downstairs they booked Sunny Day Real Estate to play the same night. Great idea. I've told this story on this blog before, but sufficed to say, Sunny Day Real Estate destroyed, and Drive Like Jehu was great albeit long-winded. Nice night of music.

  • Yupi!

    Vaya da error el de Drive like yehus

  • @Zackchill:3gdec98u:


    Vaya da error el de Drive like yehus

    A mi no me dio ningun error, prueba a volver a bajartelo.

    Muchisimas gracias Manel por el de Archers of Loaf,lo poco que he escuchado a estas horas va directo al ipod con esa calidad.