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  • ¿Alguien controla a los Pink Twins? Me he visto esta tarde unos visuales suyos en una exposición y me ha gustado bastante lo que hacen.

  • Alguien seria tan amable de colgar el Go grey de U.S Girls enlaces caidos everywhere…gracias!

  • @La:

    Alguien seria tan amable de colgar el Go grey de U.S Girls enlaces caidos everywhere…gracias!


    pues ahí va,

  • Muchas gracias!!!

  • joder lo de Helios es así, tan repentino? que delicia de portada.

  • Me explique eso de repentino, que no lo doy pillado.

  • No, disculpe.
    De primeras he visto que era un disco nuevo, y se me hacía raro que no hubiera causado revuelo, después he visto que es un directo, pero no he editado el mensaje, gracias por postearlo.

  • Machinefabriek - Music For Studies


    The fiendishly busy Rutger Zuydervelt is back with a new disc, and this time it's a recording of his score for the performance 'Studies of a Figure in Space' by director Bram Vreeswijk and performer Alfredo Fernandez. The score begins under fairly minimal circumstances, and very slowly, Zuydervelt's muffled tones begin to cluster together. Presumably we're listening to processed guitar tones, and during 'Study 1' there are plenty of interesting harmonic exchanges across the two stereo channels. Over time the piece accumulates enough density to become an outright drone, ending in a fine, crackling mist of lowercase loveliness. So far, so good—this opening track must rank right up there among Machinefabriek's finest recorded output of late. Taking on a far more severe and noisy temperament, 'Study 2' is a collaboration with percussionist Rob Van Den Nieuwenhuizen. The first half of the piece brings to mind Mika Vainio's coarsest analogue drones, making a towering din that sounds a bit like the hum from the back of a refrigerator amped up to eleven. For its second half the track takes on a more subtle electroacoustic temperament, marrying high frequency tones with intriguing rattling noises in the background. After this excellent near quarter-hour piece, a three-minute interlude full of vague, sparsely laid out bass tones arrives, setting us up for the incendiary splurge of 'Study 3', which bombards the listener with soaring noise textures that only just maintain the air of refinement and civility characterising the rest of the score. More good stuff from the irrepressible Zuydervelt.


  • Discos como churros. Al ritmo que lleva este tío, de aquí a final de año
    se saca por lo menos 4 o 5 más seguramente, y eso sin incluir las colaboraciones.

  • ha sido mirar el google reader y el aroma a kebab se ha expandido por toda la casa esta mañanita de viernes.

    Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal (2010)


    Nadja and OvO – The Life And Death Of A Wasp (2010)


  • y no he visto esta maravilla de Aaron Martin

    Aaron Martin - Worried about the fire


    son piezas bastante parecidas e hipnóticas, basadas en el crepitar de la madera con el fuego, bueno es la banda sonora de un minifilm sobre ello, obviamente siendo Aaron Martin utiliza el cello para crear casi todo el sonido pero también utiliza sinte, armónica y frikadas varias….. buen disco en su género.

  • Éste lo he estado escuchando detenidamente antes de colgarlo porque del sr. Stapleton cualquiera se fia y sí, al principio hay una pseudo versión freal de the loco-motion de Carole King pero luego se mantiene fantásticamente entre drone, avant-garde, las oscuridades propias de su mente enfermiza y unas briznas de neofolk…

    Nurse with Wound – Automating, Volume Three (2010)


  • Esto está rico.

    Tim Hecker - Apondalifa 7"


    Y esto también.

    Thisquietarmy - Aftermath



    Eric Quach is a guitarist and sound engineer who performs under the name thisquietarmy. He is also the guitarist and founding member of the Montreal-based instrumental rock band Destroyalldreamers (Where Are My Records, Claire’s Echo).

    As thisquietarmy, a one-man solo drone/ambient project, Quach composes visual guitar-based soundscapes and experimental music that goes beyond the typical song structure. By exploring his guitar as a tone generator, he furthers the boundaries of his instrument with the use of multiple effect processors & real-time loop-samplers, alternating the guitar signal’s shape and tone, blending textures over textures, merging a wide combination of sounds together and developing the melodies hidden in these walls of sound. Concrete musical ideas are often generated by the re-interpretation, the decomposition and the reconstruction of its own improvisations.

    A fundirse las orejas.

  • MIMEO & John Tilbury "The Hands of Caravaggio" (Erstwhile Records)

    http://rapidshare.com/files/318293945/t ... o.rar.html

    Igual llego tarde y se colgó por aquí en su momento. El disco salió en 2002, pero es un documento imprescindible de la improvisación electroacústica reciente. Sencillamente espectacular.

  • Taylor Deupree - Snow (Dusk, Dawn) (12k / V0)


    por cierto, alguien ha dado con Versions de Loscil?

  • Ryan Teague - six preludes (type)


    neoclásica. está de lujo

  • Todavía no lo he escuchado entero, pero promete.

    Jim O'Rourke/Keiji Haino/Oren Ambarchi "Tima Formosa"


  • Backwards, Falling, Sky - Guardian Or Avenger

    Demo CDr - Original Pressing - 32 copies
    Lo-Fi, Drone, Folk, Ambient, Psychedelia
    Out on cassette via Digitalis Limited very soon



    "A remarkable experience, a beautiful gem, flawless through out and worthy of creating mass amounts of erections. Subhumans don't even understand."
    -Tales Ov Dryden

    "This is, in a word, beautiful. Haunting and evocative with emotional undertones that will strike every listener with something different."
    -Sorting Things Out With A Shotgun

    "The music is up to the whole art, it's part of the astonishment, your sound is really great, among the most remarkable things we've listened to this year, quite different from the average (and boring…), noise/drone/whatever routine. Please never never stop."
    -Natural Snow Buildings

  • Último disco que, al parecer, edita este dúo.

    Pan Sonic - Gravitoni

    > Everyone’s favourite furrow-browed Finns, Mika Vainio and Ilpo Vaisanen, will release a new Pan Sonic album via Blast First Petite on June 7.
    > The album is entitled Gravitoni, and (if our calculations are correct) it’s the duo’s seventh album to date, coming fifteen years after their debut, Vakio.
    > It’s a typically austere and impressive 11-track collection, existing at the intersection of techno, dub, power electronics, drone and industrial ambient that Pan Sonic have really made their own.
    > “After this Pan Sonic goes into deep freeze,” says Vainio, an ambiguous statement that nonetheless suggests Gravitoni will be the last Pan Sonic LP for a long time, perhaps simply the last. No live shows to support the record are planned.
    > Vainio in particular remains active with solo projects, with recent releases on Editions Mego, Touch and Raster-Noton.

  • Rameses III - For José María


    Rameses III follow their critically acclaimed album, I Could Not Love You More (Type, 2009), with a deeply personal and emotive piece dedicated to a truly remarkable man. Jose Maria Bellido was a successful pianist and athlete before being stricken with crippling diabetes. But, despite the curtailing of his ambition and confronting the onslaught of daily medical treatment, Jose Maria faced up to life with a tremendous humility, kindness and humour. He was a loving husband and father and it is his daughter, Cristina Bellido, whose voice can be heard on this epic track, delivering a liturgy to her dad in her native Catalan tongue. All the usual Rameses III elements are here: plaintive strings, field recordings and electronic filigrees, but here they are channelled in celebration of a true romantic figure whose image remains in the thoughts of those that knew him.