Filtraciones '10

  • Osti nano, si los Big Sexy Noise habían editado la puesta en largo (el EP del 2009 + 6 temas nuevos) a principios de año y no nos habíamos enterado:

    Big Sexy Noise "Big Sexy Noise"


    rock del bueno

  • Unsane lo sigue teniendo

  • tres temazales de gloria bendita, maremeva

  • The Samps – The Samps EP (2010) 320kb


    Este trío es el proyecto paralelo de los integrantes de Haunted Graffiti, la banda de Ariel Pink. Electropop
    y psicodeliaa que recuerda los inicios de este. Aunque menos convencionales, si cabe.


  • samiam están de vuelta y han editado recientemente un álbum de rarezas noventeras. míticos!

    samiam - orphan works (noidea, 2010)
    > 18 tracks of studio outtakes, in-studio radio shows, and live recordings from 1994 - 1998!
    > Clumsy era line-up:
    > Tracks 1-3 Recorded live in studio by Brave New Radio Los Angeles, CA, 1994
    > Tracks 4-7 Recorded live on Radio Asylum, Los Angeles, CA, 1996
    > Tracks 8-9 Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Lou Giordano at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA, 1994
    > You Freaking Are Me Out era line-up:
    > Tracks 10-11 Recorded in Billie Joe’s Basement in Berkeley, 1998
    > (bass by Sean Kennerly, also guitar solo on ‘Search and Destroy’)
    > Tracks 12-18 Recorded live at Räucherkammer, Wiesbaden, May 28, 1996
    > Mixed at Stitleloos, Amsterdam by Daan Van Der Elsken

  • Foxes In Fiction - Alberto E.P (2010)(dream pop,experimental)

  • Feliz navidad de parte de Excepter
    Excepter - Excepter Christmas Special**

  • Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde (2010)


    Lo-fi , noise pop , rock , garage , punk…Segundo largo del grupo con una producción impecable para uno
    de los productos mejor elaborados para cerrar el año. Deliciosa y lo que es mejor, creible, frescura.


  • Scorch Trio - Melaza [Rune Grammofon, 2010]


    Fourth album from the free spirited power trio that UK magazine The Wire described as a group whose “scope of improvisational ideas is breathtaking. To be able to both listen and react at this level of intensity is a rare gift”. Scorch Trio should need no further introduction by now, apart from the significant fact that Chicago based drummer Frank Rosaly has taken over the drum stool from Paal Nilssen-Love and is doing a remarkable job in both keeping the group sound intact while bringing new blood and energy to the proceedings. Guitarist Raoul Björkenheim and bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten are also on top form in a group that never looks back but continue to explore the possibilities of the classic trio format.
    As with the previous albums, ”Melaza” was recorded live in the studio with a minimum of overdubs, this time by Robert Mussi at Bill Laswell´s New York studio.

  • De Buti! gracias por lo de excepter y el scorch trio

  • éste se me había pasado brindarlo por aquí, y Valde me lo ha recordado con el artículo. No tengo claro que sea mejor que "En otro tiempo, en otro lugar", pero Lapido mejora respecto a su disco de hace dos años:

    José Ignacio Lapido "De sombras y sueños"



  • ¿el tercero este año?

    Supersilent "#11"


    jazz; ambient

  • completistas de las bandas de rock lo-fi con mucho amor hacia Jesus & Mary Chain, estos australianos son para vosotros:

    Party Photographers 7"


    rock lo-fi

    por si alguien prefiere escucharlo previamente (también han colgado el nuevo single que sacan en enero -y van a mejor-): ... tographers

  • Ultralyd: "Inertiadrome" (2010)

    Géneros/Categorías: Post-Krautrock, Space/Psych Rock, Jazz
    País: Noruega

    Bass - Kjetil D. Brandsdal
    Guitar - Anders S. Hana
    Saxophone - Kjetil T. Møster
    Vibraphone, Drums - Morten J. Olsen

    ya sabeis, les tuvimos hace poco por aquí con diversidad de opiniones acerca de lo q hacen de un tiempo a esta parte con un saxo distinto. yo este todavía no lo he escuchado, pero por lo q leo aquí siguen por ahí mismo: ... -2010.html

  • The Electric Bunnies - Heal Me With Your Kiss 7'' [Columbus Discount, 2010]
    Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock


    "Florida’s Electric Bunnies, a Primitive Futures favorite time and again, have never once laid feet on a Columbus stage. I’m not sure if they’ve even shaken hands with the dudes that process and distribute their records. But spiritually they are a quintessential Columbus Discount band and would be welcome with open arms if they wanted to trade South Beach for Washington Beach. Now past drinking age, you can hear them growing in these songs. “Heal Me With Your Kiss” is relaxed, mellow sunrise pop, roaming out of the cave and searching for lazy handclaps and well placed ooh-ed bubblegum harmonies. It’s a song so stripped of pretension and retro-leanings, so patient and pristine, if I had to name the best bands going in America right now, the Bunnies would be on a very short list. Include this with their other 2010 release, the “Pretty Joanna” 7-inch, and you’ve got 20 minutes of brilliant pop. Flip it and you can see the jokey side still intact, only more subversive. “All the Pretty Girls Have Gone to the Beach,” is “Good Vibrations” on cough syrup, anchored in an after-hours beatbox. Maybe they’re mocking their own cuteness with such cool ugliness contained within a perfectly hummable song, but whatever the case, it works when it shouldn’t. As hard as the Bunnies are to pin down, this record shows their first love lies in popcraft. They are more than welcome to continue jumping from style to wild style in the course of an album, but their strength comes in these brief moments of copacetic genius." –The Agit Reader

  • circula ya el VOL I DOL del Petit de Cal Eril? grancias

  • @FR#:2zkkb48p:

    circula ya el VOL I DOL del Petit de Cal Eril? grancias

  • gracias seky! detallazo

  • Optimist Park - Mount St Helens (2010) (shoegazer,Psychedelic) (free download)

  • si alguien, además de Pelukini, fue a ver a The Intelligence en la Monasterio el 2 de mayo, aquí tiene la oportunidad en forma de descarga gratuita de rememorar esa noche (ya sabemos que no fue para tanto, pero os puede hacer gracia) ... -live.html