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    El de XTG está kaputt.


    Grazie mille.


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    tigercats / isle of dogs (acuarela/fika, 2012)

    race horses / furniture (stolen, 2012)

    Muchas gracias de nuevo, bruce. El primero ni puta idea, pero el de Race Horses, como sea la mitad de bueno que el "Goodbye Falkenberg" (2010) ya merecerá la pena. Para todo el que eche de menos a

    que tiene que ver Race Horses con Gorky's Zygotic Mynci?

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    que tiene que ver Race Horses con Gorky's Zygotic Mynci?

    Pues porque se parecen la hostia. Además de que el productor sea Euros Child…

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    que tiene que ver Race Horses con Gorky's Zygotic Mynci?

    Pues porque se parecen la hostia. Además de que el productor sea Euros Child…

    es que he escuchado un tema y no me los recordaba nada

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    que tiene que ver Race Horses con Gorky's Zygotic Mynci?

    Pues porque se parecen la hostia. Además de que el productor sea Euros Child…

    es que he escuchado un tema y no me los recordaba nada

    Si lo que has oído es del nuevo, no te puedo decir porque aún no lo he catado. Pero del citado anterior, sí, y mucho. Tienen tanto de Gorky's como de Super Furry Animals. En serio, ese disco merece mucho la pena.

  • Dakota Suite - An Almost Silent Life (Glitterhouse, 2012)

    mp3 VBR~226 kbps | 90,44MB

    ** Bajar

    _this is the follow up to ‘waiting for the dawn to crawl through and take away your life’ I am writing and recording this right now!
    will be released November 2012 and will be available on both compact disc and 180 gram vinyl
    there will also be a companion demo’s and out takes compact disc, to order that go here

    I see your tears
    if you’ve never had to run away
    an almost silent life
    last flare from a desperate shipwreck
    everything lies
    I recoiled so violently I almost disappeared
    a comfortable lie
    wanneer de pijn ons doet scheiden
    don’t cry
    I know your desolate places
    top rocker
    without you_ ... _life.html

  • various artists / rumours revisited: a tribute to fleetwood mac's classic 1977 album (mojo, 2012)

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    "There are no second acts in American lives," opined F. Scott Fitzgerald. Lucky for Mick Fleetwood that he was born in Redruth in the far south-west of England, for few careers can have had more false finales than that of the beanpole drummer. Given fat chance when deserting mentor John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with bassist pal John McVie, but forging gold-star late-'60s blues-rock status as Fleetwood Mac, featuring the incredible Peter Green's spectral Les Paul; washed up when Green tripped out and shipped out in 1970 but soldiering nobly on with the help of canny hires Christine Perfect (later, McVie) and Bob Welch until the providential arrival of West Coast singer-songwriters Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks changed the game again. Fleetwood Mac's unlikely revival, peaking with the mega success of 1977's astonishing Rumours album, is explored in this month's MOJO magazine, as the group look back on a period of hope and heartbreak, music and madness, as love-lives were torn asunder in the pursuit of the muse. Audio-visual companion by Clive Prior…

  • Colin Stetson & Mats Gustafsson – Stones (2012)

  • me encanta el nombre de esta banda:

    putiferio / lovlovlov (robotradio/macinadischi, 2012)

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    "LovLovLov" Aprile 2012. A distanza di quattro anni dal predecessore, arriva “Lov Lov Lov”, con l’intento forte di segnare, fin dal nome, un continuità con quanto è stato e chiudere un discorso iniziato con il predecessore “Ate Ate Ate” (RobotRadio Records-2008).
    “Lov Lov Lov” è un disco che nasce dalle macerie, un atto di forza a serrare le fila e andare avanti, testimone fedele di un anno di lavoro in saletta, nutrito dall’urgenza espressiva e dall’ansia di poter creare ancora e riecheggiante di sonorità di casa Skin Graft e Touch&Go.
    “Ammore ammore ammore”, tradurrebbe qualcuno. E di amore parla il disco, ma di quello negato, di una gioia di vivere che deve far fronte alla devastazione del corpo e delle forze, all’incapacità di poter affrontare nuovamente un percorso di crescita dopo l’orda barbarica dell’odio.

    the people's temple / more for the masses (hozak, 2012)

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    The Peoples Temple have righteously returned with a sliver of their next wave, and with the anxiously awaited follow-up to their debut LP ‘Sons of Stone,’ we have a band on our hands here with their heads clearly going in the right direction. The Lansing, Michigan snarlers have constructed their sophomore LP, ‘More For The Masses,’ with a taste of what they’ve been working on since their last outing, and it’s got us seething with excitement to share it with the world. The new songs show a bold advance in the songwriting structure, with intricate arrangements, incredibly diverse new directions not far off from the pioneering material spurned forth from the iconic 60s band Love. We’re talking flashes of primitive baroque pop and British ‘Fading Yellow’-style songs, albeit not absent of their illustrious fuzz guitar flourishes we’ve all come to love and expect, laid on thick. ‘More For The Masses’ is a perfect example of what Peoples Temple do best, a direct shot to the dome of perfect rock’n roll snarl, classic pop, head-expanding fuzz, those two-part vocal harmonies, and an ever-compelling riff that takes you over the edge and back within minutes. Peoples Temple have built on their unusual knack for crafting original pop music sounding like it’s been stripped out of the ashes of time, only to emerge with some of the most creatively exciting sounds coming out of the Midwest in years.

  • The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Know : The Remixes (2012)

    mp3 320 kbps | 109 MB

    1. Sick (Brokenchord Remix 2)
    2. Sick (Com Truise Remix)
    3. Nil (Liars Remix)
    4. Not Sleeping (The Horrors Remix)
    5. Alphabet . Instrumental (Optimo Remix)
    6. Not Sleeping (Warsnare Remix)
    7. Nil (Breton Remix)
    8. Alphabet (Ambassadeurs Remix)
    9. Sick (Brokenchord Remix 1)


  • amenra / mass v (neurot, 2012)

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    Formed in the forsaken fields of West-Flanders Belgium, Amenra has been conjuring unholy masses and paving their own headstrong way since 1999. Spreading their vision of a world that's out of touch with its past, present and future, they take their adepts through a world of unseen mystique. Their postmodern vision of music, existing of droning, repetitive chords alternated by gut-wrenching hauls can make an experienced listener renounce his definition of music, perhaps even his whole belief system. Amenra puts heart and soul into every note, word and image, and changes the course of people’s lives everywhere their path leads.
    Amenra forges their path while constantly gaining followers, members of the Church Of Ra, a sect, now thousands in numbers.
    • Recorded at La Chapelle Studio, produced by Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Neurosis, Om, Swans, and so many more).
    • Guest Vocals by Scott Kelly (Neurosis)

    robin guthrie / fortune (soleil apres minuit, 2012)

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    Fortune is Guthrie’s first new instrumental release since his acclaimed 2011 album Emeralds. In the intervening time he’s collaborated with Mark Gardner (Ride), Italian electronic artist Eraldo Bernocchi and continued his series of albums with revered American pianist and composer Harold Budd. In addition, Guthrie’s production, remixes and guest appearances have included the likes of Telefon Tel Aviv, Ulrich Schnauss and Heligoland. All of this is but a small snapshot of a long career. Guthrie first came to prominence through his band Cocteau Twins, a unique and groundbreaking groups whose influence can be heard today in artists such as M83 and School Of Seven Bells. He was not only hugely influential for the iconic shoegaze bands such as My Bloody Valentine, but he also produced much-loved albums for Lush and Chapterhouse amongst many others. In recent years Guthrie has scored director Gregg Araki’s films ‘Mysterious Skin’ and ‘Kaboom’ as well as independent Spanish film ‘3:19’. Guthrie’s discography is vast, varied and testifies to his abilities, vision and knowledge as a producer, musician and guitarist.

  • Vamossssss. Amenra rules!

  • ... x-military

    Death Grips // 42ghosts - TRIPLE EX MILITARY

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    Hipbone Slim And The KneeTremblers - Go Hog Wild!

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    Epa chicos, alguien tiene un link para el disco de descartes de Micah P. Hinson que ha publicado la Rockdelux de este mes? Me iría muy bien tenerlo lo antes posible y ahora no sé si voy a encontrar una RDL en Vic ni si en la biblioteca me van a dejar el CD…


    Me lo acabo de encontrar

    Gracias! Aunque era para hacer una previa… Por cierto, qué concierto más aburrido, por dios, pagué un red bull en Razz y al final me piré con mi amigo antes de que terminase.

  • CD 1
    01. Bombtrack
    02. Killing In The Name
    03. Take The Power Back
    04. Settle For Nothing
    05. Bullet In The Head
    06. Know Your Enemy
    07. Wake Up
    08. Fistful Of Steel
    09. Township Rebellion
    10. Freedom
    Bonus Tracks (b-sides):
    11. Bombtrack (live, taken from Bombtrack single)
    12 Bullet in the Head (live, taken from Bullet in the Head single)
    13. Take The Power Back (live, taken from Freedom single)

    CD 2 “The Original Demos”
    01. Bombtrack
    02. Take The Power Back
    03. Bullet in the Head
    04. Darkness of Greed (previously released)
    05. Clear the Lane (previously released)
    06. Township Rebellion
    07. Know Your Enemy
    08. Mindset’s A Threat
    09. Killing In The Name
    10. Auto Logic
    11. The Narrows
    12. Freedom

  • Litanic Mask - Litanic Mask (2012)

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    electronic / goth / pop / experimental / minimalistic / dream-pop ...
    "The Portland goth-pop duo have little information available about themselves online; only that they are Kenna Jean on vocals and producer Mark Evan Burden. One listen to their perfect melancholic melodies, however, is enough to capture the attention so that little else matters. Comparisons to acts like Zola Jesus and Grimes have been thrown around, and it’s a good jumping-off point, but Litanic Mask inhabit their own twilight world. It’s a land where cold beats pulse, synths twinkle like snow and Halloween is every day." -EB

  • Big Boi – Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors

  • Se están follando los links de Big Boi, ¿alguien podría subirlo otra vez?

    Mil gracias

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    Se están follando los links de Big Boi, ¿alguien podría subirlo otra vez?

    Mil gracias