Filtraciones '13

  • yo hasta me he pillado la entrada

  • @moldy:2u4p67us:

    Creo que le has dado a "Download as Free User", cuando tienes que darle a "Continue as Free User", al lado de donde pone "Choose Method of Access".

    A mi tampoco me baja, haciendo click a "Continue as Free User" y luego en la esquina inferior derecha donde aparece un diskette y "download file", para que luego me salga: "You need a pro account to perform this action". Algún otro link por ahí?

  • Pude descargarlo pero ya os lo estoy subiendo de nuevo, dadme unos minutos.

    Edit: no hace falta*

  • he hecho un zip nuevo y lo he subido aquí, a ver si os funciona:

    aviso que lo que se ha filtrado se escucha bien pero es un transcode, para los que miran esas cosas.

    edito: perdona estat, no había visto tu mensaje mientras lo subía.

  • Esben and the Witch – Wash the Sins Not Only the Face (2013)

    I Am Kloot – Let It All In (2013)

  • Moldy is on fire!

  • Gracias por el zippy!

  • Friska Viljor – Remember Our Name (2013)

  • A este le tenía ganas:

    Widowspeak - Almanac (2013)

  • Un reup de Parquet courts por favore?

  • @untitled:2komy57h:

    Un reup de Parquet courts por favore?

  • Tom Morgan – Orange Syringe (2013)


    Tom Morgan is actually the frontman of beloved, intermittently re-united Australian slacker outfit Smudge, as well as the co-writer/collaborator with pal Evan Dando on two early ’90s Lemonheads albums. That tried and true indie pop tradition continues on his new solo LP, Orange Syringe, a disc dripping with quirky lyrics and shimmering guitars that have “just the right amount of jangle.”

  • Foals - Holy Fire (2013)

    eso sí, a 128 pellejero

  • Creo que esto no se ha filtrado

    Toro y Moi - Anything in Return

  • De hecho lo colgaron en diciembre en este mismo hilo.

  • El buscador funciona fatal y revisé todas las páginas del hilo excepto la primera, que se le va a hacer.
    Esto ya no es lo mío

  • **Local Natives - Hummingbird (2013)

  • Foreros, el link de Foals ha muerto. ¿Alguien lo resucita?

  • Ex Cops – True Halluncinations (2013)


    Borrowing from the wispy sounds of vintage Sarah Records and Flying Nun artists, Brooklyn, New York’s Ex Cops is the project of Brian Harding (ex-Hymns) and and Amalie Bruun (ex-Minks).
    Formed in 2011 the duo self-released a short-run, homespun CD-EP of hazy, lo-fi recordings featuring Harding’s opaque bedroom-pop songwriting juxtaposed with the duo’s sun-kissed harmonies. Their John Siket-produced (Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth) debut, True Hallucinations, due out January 22 via Other Music Recording Co.
    True Hallucinations is mellow and a little sad – in a nostalgic way- but the chorus’s open up with powerful energy. If you were going to pigeonhole Ex Cops you could say they’re an easy going Jebediah or you could draw flattering similarities with The Shins. The chords are simple, the drums are punchy and the melodies catchy, so at first it seems like standard indie-pop. This is because it’s not an in your face album. It just swirls around the back of your head then penetrates your psyche until you’re humming along. You could play this as background music to a sunny afternoon, cold beers situation but you could also seek it out deep into a Melbourne winter to warm you up. James, You Are A Lion, I Am A Lamb and Spring Break are all radio worthy; they’re short, sweet and weightless until anchored by sentimental guitar lines. The reverb used throughout the album creates a smooth transition from song to song and contributes to the warm atmosphere. The album takes its foot off the pedal towards the end for a couple of ballads and never really picks up the momentum again. Despite that it’s a brilliant debut, as bands often sticky tape their best material together for their first release, but this is a cohesive, conceptual album.

  • @casidios:15uxi8vt:

    Foreros, el link de Foals ha muerto. ¿Alguien lo resucita?

    aquí lo tienes: